Dharamshala Himachal is a wonderful place to visit no matter the season. The hills of Himachal Pradesh on Saturday continued to experience moderate to heavy rainfall, causing landslides in some areas and blocking the highways, The state of Himachal Pradesh possesses various weather conditions which mainly depend on its altitude. Monsoon – the maniac driving India crazy. ( Everyone who plans to travel during late June to July and August has to face this) Mcleodganj was all draped in fog and clouds. It was cold. The average height of this location ranges from 350 meter to 700 meter above the sea level. The location typically comes across 3 various seasonal variations. Summertime in Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh are throughout March to June. By the month of July, rainy season begins in sloping locations and it continues till September. Summer season begins in Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh right from the month of March while extends till June This is the time when this state is swelled with human population as individuals from different corners of our country crowd to Himachal Pradesh which has a cool and pleasant breeze.